Aquarium Controls, Monitoring & Logging

Take complete control over your aquarium with an Aquatic Life Designs control system package. Have us design and install a controls system package or even have us take over monitoring the system for you.

Controls systems protect your system from many common aquarium catastrophes such over-heating due to faulty equipment, power outages, or leaks.  Additionally, they monitor water quality conditions and make decisions to correct out-of range parameters.  Failing this, the system can notify our experts who can take immediate action.

  • Remote monitoring and control of your tank via internet or mobile device

  •  Email and text notifications

  •  Data collection, logging, and graphing

  •  Sync with real world seasonal temperature and lunar cycle changes

  • Advanced lighting programming and control

  • Wireless pump controls

  • Auto Top-off

  • Calcium reactor and/or pH control

  • CO2 and Ozone dosing

  • Chemical dosing

  • Feeding

  • Battery back-up and power surge protection

  •  Watch your aquarium anywhere via web-cam

  • and much more!

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