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Retail: Animals

Saltwater Aquarium Fish, Reef Aquarium Fish and Corals, Pond Fish and Plants, Freshwater Aquarium Fish and Plants, Amphibians and Reptiles

Copperband Butterfly Saltwater Aquarium Fish

We place a high value on housing healthy fish. Shipping can be hard on fish, we make the transition to your aquarium as gentle a process as possible.  We deal with reputable suppliers who ship direct so that we receive our animals within hours of them leaving our supplier.

Once in our care all our animals undergo a strict quarantine and treatment process, ensuring the health of the individuals as well as the established aquarium they will eventually call home.  All animals stay under our direct supervision for several times longer than the industry standard, only when each animal is cleared of any health concerns and deemed strong and healthy is it cleared for delivery to your aquarium.

Aquatic Life Designs works closely with our customers to provide a wide variety of fish best suited for their specific aquarium community.  We tailor each project to each client's specific needs. Please contact us for availability and pricing.
Reef Aquarium Fish and Corals
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