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Atlanta Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Aquarium Cleaning Services

Maintaining an Aquarium or Water Feature properly is like getting your oil changed; if you wait until there's an issue, it's too late.  Our Regular Maintenance Programs keep your aquarium in pristine condition and allows us to catch problems before they become issues. Leave all the chores to us so you can appreciate the true beauty of your aquarium without any of the hassle or worry. 


We customize our services to each customer, tailoring to fit the needs of your aquarium, and provide everything your animals need to flourish and live happily. There are many perks to being a Regular Client of Aquatic Life Designs:

  • Water Testing, Record Keeping, and Analytics

  • Regular Water Changes

  • Algae Scrubbing and Other Dirty Work

  • Replace filter media

  • Cleaning of all exterior surfaces

  • A mix of frozen and fresh foods fed during each visit with prepared foods automatically dispensed between visits

  • SCUBA equipped technicians for in-aquarium work

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Supplies Delivery

  • Livestock Quarantine, Delivery and Acclimation

All-Inclusive Aquarium Service Package 

Many of our corporate clients prefer our "All-inclusive packages".  No surprises, just set your budget and forget it.  We will handle absolutely every aspect of your aquarium for a flat monthly rate. These packages include all consumables and also cover any extra visits for unexpected events. We can even include regular additions of new fish!


Most service companies have a service kit that they use for all their service calls, using them in multiple aquariums throughout the day and potentially spreading diseases or parasites all over town, we maintain separate equipment for each client so as to never cross-contaminate.

  • All food (Prepared, frozen, fresh)

  • All salt and RO/DI water

  • All filters

  • Lighting and UV bulbs

  • Individual maintenance kit

  • All chemicals and supplements

  • All site visits

         Scheduled cleanings

         Emergency visits

         Extra preventive maintenance and upkeep

         Off-site quarantine or recovery for new or sick animals

Aquarium Cleaning Services

Contact Us for full details and one of our Aquarium Consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

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