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Portfolio: Projects

    Game Room Aquarium

Location:  Blue Ridge Mountains, GA

Tank Size: 12' x 3' x 4'

System Volume:  1,000 gallons

Setting:  Wedding Venue Party Cabin

This aquarium sets the perfect backdrop to your adventure in the North Georgia Mountains. Dividing the game room from the bowling alley in this mountain cabin retreat. Themed to match the game room on one side with pool balls and accessories, playing cards and poker chips, and bowling balls and pins on the other.

Also served as the backdrop aquarium where George aka CoralFish12g interviewed Brett Raymer about the TV show Tanked! See the video here!

    Atlanta Skyline Aquarium

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: Flat-back Hexagon 7' x 3' x 5'

System Volume:  750 gallons

Setting:  2Chainz - Private Residence

This aquarium stays TRU to the heritage of its owner, Atlanta native rapper 2Chainz with a recreation of the Atlanta skyline formed into the coral insert. This custom Flat-back Hex aquarium greets visitors and family at the front entry of the home. Local open and remote closed filtration equipment is located under the aquarium, which required additional supports to be added under the floor.


See it on the 2016 season of "Tanked!"

    African Chichlids - Waiting Room

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: 90" x 36" x 36"

System Volume:  500 gallons

Setting: Hospital Waiting Room

This aquarium was replacing a 20-year old turtle aquarium. The original aquarium was very dark and shaded and the hospital wanted to create a much more open, bright and inviting environment to the space. The aquarium had fallen into a state of disrepair and badly needed upgrades to the filtration and lighting.

We did just that and instead of a dark shadow in the corner there is a bright and welcoming aquarium that attracts people to come right up to interact and enjoy it. The African Cichlids add an active and colorful element that just brings guests in. 

    Moon Jelly Aquarium

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: Cylinder 72" dia x 72" tall

System Volume:  1,500 gallons

Setting: Private Residence

This truely unique aquarium was rebuilt from a fish-only with artificial coral tank. The owner wanted to add something unique to his home and loved the idea of peaceful, pulsating moon jellies. Remote open and closed filtration equipment is located in another part of the house. We worked closely with one of our custom aquarium manufacturers to design the center tower to the specific needs of moon jellies. Custom, color changing LED lighting completes the relaxing experience of watching the jellies pulse and float through space.

    Dual Cylinder Aquariums

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: 4' dia x 4' Cylinders

System Volume:  300 gallons each

Setting:  Akon - Private Residence

These aquariums complete the dream home of producer and artist Akon, bringing together the concept  of water, white and stainless steel. One aquarium recreates the waters off the coast of Africa and the other the Caribbean. The aquariums flank the front entry of the home. Remote open and closed filtration equipment is located in the basement keeping the living space silent.


See it on the 2016 season of "Tanked!"

     Christmas Cylinder Aquarium

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: 96"dia x 90" Cylinder

System Volume:  3,000 gallons

Setting:  Commercial Office Building Common Area

This gorgeous aquarium is the center-piece of the open common area connecting two office buildings in Metro Atlanta.  After the holidays the decorations are easily removed for a beautiful aquarium all yearlong.  Featuring a remote, dedicated Life Support System room complete with saltwater purification and mixing station, open and closed filtration loops, and an automated controls system including automatic feeding.


See it all come together on the 2013 Holiday Episode of Animal Planet's "Tanked!"

     Sea Turtle Rescue & Research

Location:  Soufriere-Scott’s Head Marine Reserve, Dominica

Tank Size: Two 400 gallon holding tanks

System Volume:  1,000 gallons

Setting:  Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Holding Facility

These bare tanks serve a very important function, helping to research and rescue Sea Turtles in Dominica! While seemingly very simple and straight-forward, there can be a lot more to system set-up and function then meets the eye. When local contractors fell short in building a properly functioning system we were brought in to clean up the project and make the operation simple, straight-forward and effective. We were able to design and implement a rock solid system that houses some VIP residents.  

  Snake Mansion

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Aquarium Size: 150 Gallons

Two Custom Snake Enclosures 

Setting:  Dwight Howard - Private Residence

This project created a snake mansion for Dwight Howard's favorite pet snakes.  The aquarium adds a splash of color and movement to complete the space and feel of a jungle setting.  Many unique and rare freshwater fish now call this unique tank home.

See it on the 2017 season of "Tanked!"

    Rugged Aquarium

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: 15' x 3' x 5'

System Volume:  1,800 gallons

Setting:  Rugged Ridge Corporate Headquarters

This truely unique aquarium is the focal point of the Rugged Ridge headquarters outside Atlanta.  Rugged Ridge supllies Jeep and off-roading accesories and commisioned this aquarium to match their "Rugged" style.  This custom aquarium is composed of 20 panes of acrylic creating many different viewing angles. Open and closed filtration equipment is self-contained under this room divider showpiece.


See it on the 2015 season of "Tanked!"

    In-wall Home Aquarium

Location:  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Tank Size: 14'x3'x3'

System Volume:  1,000 gallons

Setting:  Private Residence

This client wanted to really set off their home which hosts many parties and events, what better way than an Aquatic Life Designs custom aquarium! Featuring a center island overflow that provides the fish tons of structure to swim around as well as many nooks and crannies in the artificial coral for the fish to call home and display many natural behaviors. This is the center piece in an absolutely stunning home!

     Bowfront Reef

Location:  Atlanta, GA

Tank Size:  92" x 24"-30" x 24"

System Volume:  350 gallons

Setting:  PetroZone Corporate Headquarters

This live coral reef system represents the epitome of aquarium design, technology, simplicity, and efficiency.  The main display is lit entirely by automated LEDs in sync with high-end water motion devices.  The life support systems are custom engineered for this tank and feature an on-site RO and saltwater mixing system, refugium, calcium reactor, 80 gallon custom sump, Automatic Top-Off, programmable feeder and complete automation of all components and system parameters with data logging and remote access anywhere internet is available.  In addition, this system was built with custom cabinetry to fit seamlessly in this existing, modern office setting.

Waiting Room African Cichlid Aquarium

Location:  Atlanta, GA

Tank Size:  58" x 33" x 25"

System Volume:  210 gallons

Setting: The Ark Animal Hospital- Waiting Room


The Ark Animal Hospital in Atlanta had an awkward void in their waiting room. What better place for an aquarium?!  This African Cichlid aquarium beautifully fills that void with color and activity and now clients  enjoy their time in the lobby.  Built to fit exactly between two structural pillars with custom oak cabinetry stained to match the existing décor.  What was once a dead space is now full of life.

    Half Cylinder Aquarium

Location:  Panama City, Panama

Tank Size: 5' dia, 5' H

System Volume:  1,000 gallons

Setting:  Credicorp Bank - Bank Lobby

CreditCorp Bank, Panama wanted to set themselves apart from their competition in their new branch in Panama City. Clean and sleek surroundings really set off the color of the fish and the coral background of this custom aquarium. Filtration is located in a remote dedicated room to keep the lobby silent. Web-based automated controls allow us to still keep an eye on this tank from thousand of miles away.

    Seafood Cylinder Aquarium

Location:  Metro Atlanta, GA

Tank Size: 60"dia x 52" Cylinder

System Volume:  1,200 gallons

Setting:  Resturant

This coastal-themed aquarium is the center-piece of an Atlanta area seafood resturant. This stand alone aquarium features open and closed filtration loops, contained under the aquarium and an automated controls and monitoring system including automatic feeding.


See it on the 2015 season of "Tanked!"

    Dual Double Bowfront Aquariums

Location:  Panama City, Florida

Tank Size: Custom Shapes

System Volume:  650 & 750 gallons

Setting:  Medical Office Waiting Room

Dramatic medical center entry. Dual aquariums flank the entrance, creating a tunnel of fish leading to the reception desk, waiting rooms on each side have amazing views, now you won't even want them to call your name! These stand alone aquariums features self-contained open and closed filtration loops, under the aquarium and automated controls and monitoring.

     Other Favorite Projects

​Collection of pictures from projects that didn't quite fit an album but are still some of our favorites. Including Ponds, Waterfalls, Terrarium, Freshwater, Saltwater Reef and Fish-only Aquariums and a restaurant ice box

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